“Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself”

Attributed to the Bhagavad Gita

Mindful Awareness Therapies offers workshops, seminars, individual and group yoga sessions. Both of our resident teachers, LeAnne and Bryan, are dedicated yogis certified by the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. Meet them here.

Therapeutic Yoga

The word yoga is most frequently defined as to “yoke” or “unite” and refers to the mind-body connection.  Are we bold and risk taking, cautious and careful, competitive or contemplative, followers or rebels, goal or process oriented, truth seekers or trend setters?  All of these questions can be answered as we mindfully observe ourselves practicing yoga; intentionally noticing sensations of movement, breath, and thought.  If it is true that “How you do anything is how you do everything.”, then our yoga practice can be revealing indeed!

Mindful Yoga – Yogic principles of breath, relaxation, visualization, and sensation awareness are practiced in physical poses (asana).  Mindful yoga becomes a moving meditation which deepens mind-body awareness.  When added before or after a psychotherapy session, more complete integration insight, growth, and change is possible.  No prior yoga experience necessary.

                         50 Minute Before Therapy Session:     Emphasis on relaxation, focus, and opening.

                         50 Minute After Therapy Session:        Emphasis on relaxation, integration, and deepening.


LifeForce Yoga® for Mood Management 

No prior yoga experience needed.  A particular set of poses and yogic techniques including breathing exercises, mantra, chakra, and mudra are individually designed for each client to assist with mood management.  Depending on the symptoms, the primary focus is to help energize during depressive episodes or to calm during periods of anxiety.  May include the deep restorative relaxation of Yoga Nidra. 90 Minute Session.  See further description under the Stress Management tab.

Individual or Group Yoga Instruction

To begin or enhance your personal yoga practice and promote integration of mind-body-breath-spirit.  Particular emphasis is placed on safety, insight into how your body works and what poses will work best help you achieve your individual goals, whether they be strength, flexibility, balance, presence, self-knowledge, or recovery from any passing life-phase.

Individual Yoga Sessions – 60 Minute personal sessions.  Particularly helpful if you are new to yoga and want to learn the basics before attending group or public sessions.

Build a Home Practice – 4 or 6 week packages of one-on-one instruction teach you how to develop and sustain confidence in a safe and strong home practice that can grow with you as you progress.  Sessions are once weekly for 60-90 minutes each.

Small Group, Partner, or Semi-Private Yoga Instruction – Friends, family, and partners benefit from the personalized attention of semi-private instruction.  Have fun, learn interdependence, or look at relationships with a fresh view.