Words of Wisdom from Lama Surya Das

“What we need is not only better gun control but self-control, including the
intentional development of emotional intelligence, mindful anger management,
attention training and reactivity reconditioning. These virtues and character traits are eminently trainable and learnable, and the tools and techniques enabling us to do so are at hand. I believe this could easily be part of modern education and the hallmark of a more peaceful and compassionate era in our violence-prone country.”    
Lama Surya Das, Words of Wisdom

I couldn’t possibly agree  more.  At times, nearly all of my clients have struggled with issues of  anger, inability to regulate emotional responses, reactive behavior, communication skills deficits and general feelings of overwhelm.  Our world is stressful and “on” 24/7. So much more is required of us…so many more hats to wear in a day.  It’s no wonder many of us feel stressed, burned out or constantly exhausted.   This is one of the reasons I became attracted to various yoga and mindfulness practices.  My interest grew as I learned and, over a period of years, led to becoming certified as a Mindfulness Based Stress Management Teacher and completing the online Path of Freedom Facilitator’s course offered through Prison Mindfulness Institute, and becoming a yoga instructor. Combining the wisdom of all of these teachings, I offer an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course which helps participants begin to address all of the challenges mentioned above as well as learning to live a more satisfying and peaceful life.

The next session is beginning 7/10/2014 and sign-ups are now being accepted.  Please see my Website or Facebook for more information or e-mail me at LeAnne@MindfulAwarenessTherapies.com or call (949) 812-9785.