Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) MBSR is a program originally developed at the Stress Reduction Clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1990.  Since then, mindfulness and MBSR have been studied extensively with consistent research findings that patients practicing mindfulness and MBSR experience significant symptom reduction and […]

Stress Reduction Options

“What we need is not only better gun control but self-control, including the intentional development of emotional intelligence, mindful anger management, attention training and reactivity reconditioning. These virtues and character traits are eminently trainable and learnable, and the tools and techniques enabling us to do so are at hand. I believe this […]

Words of Wisdom from Lama Surya Das

For my morning reading, I chose The Four Foundations of Mindfulness by Bhante Gunaratana.  The section I read contained this statement “But when we crave pleasure, we always end up suffering because like all impermanent things, pleasure eventually changes or disappears.” (pg. 20).   I later read my Daily Om horoscope […]

Desperately Seeking Pleasure