“One who understands others has knowledge;
One who understands himself has wisdom”
Lao Tzu

Congratulations on your decision to begin your therapy experience!  I understand and appreciate that any new undertaking can produce apprehension, excitement, or degrees of both! Absolutely believing in each person’s ability to grow and to change, I use evidence supported Mindfulness therapies as well as a variety of integrative mind-body therapies to improve your quality of life, encourage growth, enhance your self-awareness, and manage your moods.  Therapeutic encounters may be experienced in a variety of settings and may consist of a combination of any of the below described or those described under the Yoga, Meditation, or Workshop and Seminars tab.

Therapy for Individuals or Couples

A typical 50 minute individual psychotherapy session will include one or more of the following modalities:

     Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Evidence based and solution focused CBT addresses current crisis as well as longstanding or situational issues.  Particularly effective with anxiety, depression, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, as well as other behavioral disorders.

     Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy – Evidence based and solution focused, there is an emphasis on allowing and being able to remain present with our entire range of human emotion without becoming overwhelmed, reactive, or avoidant.  While a past orientation tends to make us depressed, fearful or hopeless, a future orientation can breed anxiety and dissatisfaction with current circumstances.  We can become paralyzed and afraid to move forward when ruminating on past mistakes or missed chances.  We become stagnant when we postpone our life until some future date when we have achieved certain (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations or goals.  Our focus will be on balanced living, in the here and now.

     Mindfulness Based Interpersonal Therapy – Includes elements of both of the above while introducing an interpersonal element allowing for a deeper exploration of our unique relational and spiritual paths.  Once underlying psychological issues have been identified, interpersonal therapy helps enhance one’s enjoyment and skill in all the intricacies of a well-lived life.

Individual Intensive Sessions

     One-on-one sessions of a longer duration then a typical psychotherapy session.  May include a variety of the above or be focused on a single topic for a two hour session.  A targeted and longer session can be pivotal in making desired changes.  Please contact  me for more information.

Group Intensive Workshops

An opportunity to learn and practice new skills based on a particular skill or theme, these Intensives are generally about 3 hours long.  Please check the Calendar of Events for new or upcoming Intensives.

Ongoing Groups

     Groups are generally of a 6 to 8 week duration.  Topics will vary so please check the Calendar of Events for current and upcoming offerings.  Some groups are drop-in and others will be closed ended groups and will require an RSVP to enroll.


     Workshops are held on one specific topic for 4 to 5 hours    Topics will vary so please check the Calendar of Events for current and upcoming offerings.