LeAnne Pleasant LCSW, RYT-200

leanne_bio_pic My journey toward Mindfulness actually started when I took a Transcendental Meditation Course when I was 19 or 20.  Since that time, and particularly after becoming licensed as a psychotherapist, I have continued to learn and grow through exposure to various psychology workshops, seminars, conferences, personal study with a Teacher, and retreats in such subjects as Mindfulness, Christianity, Buddhism, and Yoga.  All of these have helped me clarify my personal and professional path.  I no longer have the expectation or anxiety of “getting it”.  It is enough to be present, mindful, aware, and (mostly) peaceful and content.

 I have always found traditional talk therapy to be very beneficial in gaining understanding of the issues I and my clients have struggled with. I have been fortunate to have worked in a variety of individual and group capacities including private practice, addictions treatment, hospice, eating disorders, and even child welfare.   The commonalities I encountered in all – across the board – are depression and anxiety;  frequently based in confusion over doubting one’s purpose or value in the world.   I found the addition of more holistic therapies, including mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to be transformational and lead to empowerment and lasting, tangible changes and growth.

Over time, I developed a keen insight and willingness to think outside the box to help clients achieve timely symptom management and  relief.  In recent years, I have begun to additionally work with “symptom free” clients on increasing the joy and purpose in life, with excellent results. (See Testimonials)  My collaborative style of therapy is based on an absolute belief in client’s ability to grow and change.  I love to help identify, develop, and maximize particular skills and strengths to enhance whatever life my clients are currently living.

     I am very grateful for my journey and all those who have helped me or contributed to my growth in some way over the years.  It is now my pleasure and passion to assist others on their own path in life- it might be bumpy sometimes, but that’s okay.

“I am passionate about helping people to be more present in their lives.”
– LeAnne Pleasant, LCSW, RYT-200, Founder of MAT

It is the mission of MAT to provide a safe, nurturing space for experiences leading to a more radical occupation of the self.

Radical occupation of the self means experiencing life and one’s self with a sense of psychological, emotional, social, behavioral, and spiritual self-acceptance.The journey toward this state will include gentle yet fearless exploration of self through such tools as mindfulness, psychotherapy, yoga, and investigation of personal spirituality to enhance compassionate self-reflection and self-awareness which create the sense of being “comfortable in one’s own skin”.   This type of exploration is experiential, growth oriented, transformational, but can be as simple as sinking into the rightness of being.